A pioneer in health-based microbial products, Anabec provides solutions for immediate solutions and long-term protection. We are a provider of cleaning, remediation and protection products.



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What you CAN DO when water damage occurs? If no visual mold is present & if water is from a clean water supply line you can use High Velocity Air Movers to circulate the air and assist drying until help arrives.



When a disaster strikes your property - whether it is your business or home - everything in your life can be thrown off balance. At Back to Normal Restoration Services we can help you to quickly, securely, and affordably get your life back on track and back to normal. We can handle everything from water damage, wind damage, or any other damage caused by an accident or natural disaster, such as floods, hurricanes, fires, or lightning storms. And we also offer preventative services such as our unique to the area construction mold pre-treatment, as well as clean up services such as structural drying. So in short, we don't just rebuild... we prevent, fix, clean, and restore on multiple levels.

And our line of services don't stop there. As a sister company to WP Properties and Construction, a leading general contractor in Eastern North Carolina, we can also handle renovations no matter how large the job for both commercial and residential projects. We are a turnkey, all under one roof renovation and restoration company that can work with insurance agents and developers alike with no need to go searching for subcontractors. We can handle it all.

Unlike most local restoration and renovation companies, we also evaluate your project discretely for those particular projects that may cause undue worry to your residents or tenants, such as mold. We understand the need for discretion on projects like this far outweighs our need to get the word out about our company. And this is just one of many examples of how we will value you as a client.

We're here to get you back to normal. So don't wait, contact us today and get your life - and property - back on track.

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